Our Leaders

All about Port Mac Christian Students leaders.

Student President: Leon van Bussell

Leon is in the second year of his Psychology at CSU. He's a member of the SRC and can often be found in the student common room playing ping-pong or pool.

He attends Honour Church. 

Student Vice-President: Ebony Macpherson

Ebony is the final year of her Paramedics degree at CSU. She enjoys Star Trek, Dr Who, languages and lots of other nerdy stuff. She's also a Rover Scout and as such is the most likely of the team to survive a Zombie Apocalypse or other disaster.

She is part of Taree Baptist Church. 

Treasurer: William Liaw

Will is a Port Macquarie local and is in his final year of Medicine at the UNSW Port Macquarie Campus. He really enjoys surfing. If you want to find him, try the hospital or the beach, chances are he'll be at one or the other.

He's a part of the afternoon service of The Point Community Church. 

Secretary: Bek Dennis

Bek is in her second year of Graphic Design at CSU. She works part time at the Corner Café. You'll often find her chillin' in the sun in the CSU Courtyard and she is almost always up for a chat (unless uni deadlines are looming....).

She is heavily involved with the youth ministry of Lifeway Church. 

Staffworker: Steve Watt

watt family 1612.JPG


Steve is employed by AFES to work alongside the students of PCS and to help them work out how to share Jesus with their friends. His primary roles are to teach the Bible and to pray. He also gets lumped with a fair amount of admin and other work as well.  Steve is a Visiting Spiritual Advisor with CSU (their term for Chaplain). He enjoys coffee and computers. He is married to Lauren and they have one son John.

Steve and his family attend Port Macquarie Presbyterian Church.